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13 Ways to Improve Your Mood

We all have times when we are in a bad mood. Sometimes it’s because of the fear of not getting works done in time, sometimes it is stress, sometimes it is sleeplessness or sometimes it is just before a job interview… Bad mood is inevitable in these kinds of situations. Nevertheless, there are many ways to improve your mood when you feel anxious, stressed or blue. In this article, we compiled 13 methods that will make you feel much better when you feel like nothing is going well or during a momentary depression. With the help of these tips, you will improve your mood and find the motivation you need in yourself. So, let’s continue with the details of the methods!

 #1 Set an easily achievable goal

Set a goal that you can achieve easily right now. This can be as simple as drinking green tea, 3 deep breaths from you diaphragm or responding to your accumulated e-mails. Do them, even if they seem meaningless to you. They are simple, but these goals that you will accomplish will make you feel better with the peace of having accomplished something.

Improve your mood

#2 Hug your loved ones around you / Spend time with your pet

Hugging causes the release of oxytocin hormone, which creates feelings of calmness, relief from stress, happiness and confidence. For this reason, hugging the people you love will be an effective method that can improve your mood. If you have a pet, spending time with them will also release oxytocin hormone, just as hugging people you love. So, spending time with your pets at home will also be a good way to relieve your stress.

#3 Do 5-4-3-2-1 technique

You can try the 5-4-3-2-1 technique to improve your mood. According to this technique, you need to focus on things you can see, touch, hear, smell and taste respectively. By doing so, you will be able to cope with stress and anxiety by transferring your awareness to the present moment. And then you will stay away from the bad mood as well. We recommend you to apply this method in a quiet place so that you can focus better. But it is okay if you cannot do that. You can try the method whenever you like.

#4 Listen to a song you like

Improve your mood

This is a pretty simple one! Just enter your music app, choose a good song that will improve your mood, and press play. After then, we assure you that you will be able to overcome anything. We highly recommend you to dance if you are at home. But, be careful not to get carried away if you are at work 🙂

#5 Reorganize your environment

Staying in a messy place may lead to a bad mood! So, organizing your environment is a good method to improve your mood right away. We are not talking about cleaning your whole apartment, car or even your desk drawer for sure. We are speaking of setting the place in order in a few minutes. For example, you can start with organizing your scattered papers at work.

#6 Focus on the things that are going well in your life

We usually focus on negative things in our life when we are in a bad mood. Even if our life passes chaotic, stressful and depressing in times like this, we need to be more optimistic and try to focus on positive things. Maybe you have a long to-do list and you feel that you will not complete them. However, remember that you love where you work and how happy your job makes you. If you are tired right now, just think about the coffee you will have tonight with your friends. This will help you both be grateful (sign of improved mental health and mood) and be motivated, which you need to make things better.

Improve your mood

#7 Work in a sunny environment

Improving your mood is as easy as chasing the sunshine! Sunlight, the main source of vitamin D, will instantly improve your mood.

#8 Move

Even a little movement can be effective in improving your mood. One hour of exercise a week is beneficial for our mood and mental health. A few minutes a day will make a difference! Taking a stroll in your street, having a walk in the hallway at work and even climbing up stairs will be helpful about this. In addition, you can also check out DeepSport exercises that you can easily practice anywhere!

#9 Find a quiet place where you can get your head together

Leave your social media aside, move away from your computer and give yourself a few minutes to buck up your ideas. Taking a few minutes for yourself is one of the best things for your mood when you feel depressed.

#10 Eat a healthy food

There is no need for complicated methods to improve your mood, just eat something. There are foods that are in a good mood, and they are both healthy and delicious! You can eat dark chocolate, almond, banana, oatmeal and strawberry to improve your mood.

Improve your mood

#11 Meditate

How can you improve your mood in just a few minutes? The fastest way is to meditate. Despite the chaos you are in, 5 minutes for yourself will instantly bring you a sense of calm and joy.

#12 Visualize the best you in your imagination

Visualizing the best version of yourself is a shortcut to feel better. What would the best version of you be doing right now? Who would be around you? What would you have been achieved? Studies suggest that visualizing your best version improves self-esteem both instantly and in time (even if it is 5 minutes).

#13 Set a goal and reward yourself when you achieve that goal

Achieving a goal leads to release of dopamine hormone, which is one of the happiness hormones. Moreover, when you achieve a goal and reward yourself for it, it will make you even happier! In addition, having a reward after you achieve it will help you stay motivated daily.

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