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4 Excuses For Not Starting to Exercise

All of us want to have a healthier and better body. We know that the only way to achieve this is by exercising. For this exact reason, many of us add the item “start exercising!” to the top of our list of New Year’s Resolutions. However, exercising, which we start with great hope, is not sustainable most of the time.

If you are one of the people who give up at the beginning of your way to starting to exercise, do not worry. This is often the case. At this point, what is important is to address the underlying reasons why your exercising is not sustainable. It is important to get the underlying factors of wanting to start exercising but not being able to routinise this. If you like, we shall begin by identifying why we are avoiding exercising.

I am Not Adequate!starting to exercise

One of the greatest obstacles to starting exercising is due to exercise being showcased to us as a challenging activity. When it comes to exercising, most of us may picture people having incredible bodies doing weight training in gyms for hours. Yes, as a matter of fact, this is not wrong. There are some people who exercise this way. But exercise is not just about weight training for hours or running on a treadmill continuously for an hour.

This idea will wear you out mentally by making you think you will do more than necessary. In addition, it will also make you see yourself as inadequate. For this reason, firstly, do not compare yourself with others and know your physical limits. This way, you can create a workout plan appropriate to you and continue exercising more comfortably, away from the feeling of inadequacy.

I am Too Overweight / Too Slim!

One other obstacle to starting exercising may be due to not being at peace with your body. Although exercise brings about both health and physical changes, we may sometimes hesitate to be around healthy people at the gym, being a beginner. Being more overweight or slim than others or not being able to do the moves properly can cause you to lose your confidence. We can feel bad around healthy people who have been exercising for a long time, even compare ourselves with them.This usually ends up with the loss of motivation and quitting exercising after self-sabotaging.

Nonetheless, you have to be at peace with yourself. Yes, maybe you do not have your ideal body, you are too overweight or too slim. However, when you work out regularly and eat a balanced diet, you can too achieve the body of your dreams. For this reason, do not be in the way of you as a beginner and your dreams on this journey that you will set off.

I am Too Tired!

Although the excuse “I am too tired” is used most of the time to avoid exercising, the studies that have been done showed that exercising reduces fatigue. People who exercise while fatigued demonstrated that they feel more fresh after the exercise. At this point, the excuses of fatigue or busyness can be explained by the term of “cognitive distortion” by the American psychologist Judith Beck.

Beck says that these thoughts that sometimes we all give in allow us to do the activities that give us joy, and make excuses for others. According to Beck, when we are prepared and strong against these thoughts, we can achieve our goals, we can quit smoking, lose weight, do exercise more. You all try to figure out your sabotaging thoughts. Which thoughts are getting in the way of you when you want to exercise? Identify them and take action immediately. In addition, if you confront your fatigue and continue exercising, your body will get used to it in no time. Therefore, you will get into the habit of exercising by gradually feeling less and less tired.

I Do Not Have the Time!

One other obstacle in your way to exercise may be due to transportation taking time. This explains why the people who have a gym membership only go to gyms a few times. For this reason, gyms, which we sign up with great enthusiasm, cause most people to lose both money and the motivation to exercise. However, I have good news for you. Now, you will be able to exercise effectively with your digital trainer DeepSport even at home.

starting to exerciseDeepsport, an AI-assisted digital trainer, is there with you during your exercise just like an actual trainer. You can use this trainer any time, which counts your reps with you, guides you to the right position to prevent you from getting injured, and measures your score in the end. Especially, during the course of the pandemic which we are in, this need is felt even more. Yet, training correctly, effectively, and efficiently within the scope of the necessity of social distance is not as hard as you think. With Deepsport, exercising at your home is very easy, which you are sure of sanitary, and you are away from other people and mask-free!

Though exercising is an effective way to be healthy and feel good about ourselves, we sometimes can get away since, in return, we have to put effort. We can offer activities to ourselves that are not as exhausting as exercising and seem more appealing. However, it is possible to make exercising comfortable and enjoyable. Although by nature, workouts can be challenging sometimes, you can make it more comfortable with the option of doing your workout anywhere, anytime. As DeepSport, on this road which we set off, we are here to help you achieve your goals by making it convenient for you to fit exercise into your lives and by removing the obstacles to exercise.

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