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5 Ways to Get Rid of Inertia

According to dictionaries, inertia means laziness and resistance to change. However, this definition is clearly superficial. Now you are probably wondering “what does inertia mean then?”. At this point, you should ask yourself a pretty simple question: Can you get out of the bed in the morning? You can assume the bed as a metaphor here. Afterward, you will see whether you really make an effort for the things you want, or not.

Do you want to get rid of inertia? Good news! The power to overcome it is in yourself.

If you are among the people who wait for the things to change, then you probably have inertia. Unless you recognize and try to fix it, you can get into a loop that you can’t get out of. And if you don’t do it consciously, I am sorry but you only sabotage yourself. We recognized the problem, now what? Good news! The power to overcome it is in yourself. I am here for a few recommendations that you can use to get rid of inertia. Let’s find out what they are!

Ways to get rid of inertia

1- Put your perfectionism aside!

You may have encountered people complaining their perfectionism. This sounds cool, right? In fact, it is not cool at all.

People who try to do things at their best and get stuck in the details possess this characteristic. It may seem as a positive notion at first. Yes, it allows the person to complete their work in the best way. However, it can also keep the person from doing another thing. This means, people may prefer not to start at all, if they are not going to do it in their best way. Moreover, they can spend months, even years waiting for the “right time” with the belief of having to give their full focus on a single thing. But, stereotypes like right time cause you to sabotage yourself without realizing it. You will never find the right time to start the thing in your mind. This is because the moment you are in is already the best time.

What kind of influence does perfectionism have on your life?

This is a characteristic feature that is related to inertia, and it can have a bad influence on many things in your life. It is possible to explain it via many examples. Let’s say you want to change your eating habits and go on a diet. On which day would you prefer to start? If your answer is “Monday”, then you probably want to do it in a certain order and adopt a pretty common stereotype. However, if your answer is “day does not matter”, I can say that you are one step ahead. To care about the day is to escape from the process, rather than to adopt a certain order. In addition, considering that missing a Monday takes you one more week away from your goals, it can be a terrible characteristic.

In the diet example, perfectionism is not limited to day concept. In addition, perfectionist people can give up on the whole process when they break their diet program, even for one meal on the weekend. Because the program is not perfect anymore. Lastly, perfectionists may don’t want to give their all focus on their diet. They can believe that they will have a more successful process when they deal with every single detail. This can be pretty hard with a fast-paced business or academical life. Therefore, delaying healthy diet to a more appropriate time will be “the best solution” (!)

I tried to explain the problematic sides of perfectionism with an example for you. It is possible to see the same situation in many different cases. If you keep procrastinating and feel inert, you may be a perfectionist. Nevertheless, recognizing and controlling them can turn out at advantage.

2- Negative thoughts

Think about the number of positive sentences you make in a day. How many positive sentences you hear from the others? If they are few, don’t be upset. Because, many people tend to have negative thoughts. This may seem as a bad thing for both yourself and your environment, but there may be other meanings that lie behind of it. For example, you may think the worst-case scenario in order to protect yourself from bad situations. However, not starting at all could be worse than facing negative results you think in your head. For this reason, take the wheel of your own life. Don’t be imprisoned by inertia. Take action, instead of regretting of not getting out of your comfort zone.

3- Don’t limit your life with learned helplessness

Maybe you couldn’t accomplish at the first try. But there is no guarantee that you will not do it at the second or third try. This may not be your first try. You may have crashed so bad on the way to your dreams. But, is it reasonable to give up on everything just because it didn’t happen at the first try? It does nobody any good to be angry with it and not accept the outcome. Yes, there may be a little chance to accomplish what you want. But no matter the outcome is, remember that you can reach the point you aim.

4- Set a proper goal

Before starting off, you should set your goal properly. This will be a ground for your fight and ensure that you remember your goal again when you think you are falling. So, you will take decisive steps even in times like that. In addition, there is another point you should consider before setting a goal; being realistic. At first, if you start your journey with goals that are hard to reach, you can lose your motivation.  For this reason, it is significant that you begin with easy-to-achieve goals in order to see your progress.

5- Stop comparing yourself with the others

It is not new that we compare ourselves with people around us and celebrities. We can’t say it’s been around just for 3-5 years. However, this situation is being brought into our life more and more through social media. Just think about it, you see happy, rich and “perfect” people all the time. Their happiness, luck and wealth can demoralize you from time to time. But the reality is not as it seems all the time. People who show off their good moments don’t live a perfect life every day. Don’t let this illusion make you pessimistic. Instead, remember that not everything is at it seems. Because, being jealous about the other people will not make you successful. As a matter of fact, it triggers negative emotions in you.

When you feel this way, my advice to you is that be grateful for all the things you have. This will trigger positive emotions contrary to the situation you are in, and it will make you be constructive. Afterwards, think about your dreams and set new goals to reach them. Because, comparing yourself with the people around you and celebrities on the social media can be a leading factor to inertia. By doing so, you can sink into a loop that you don’t want to.

Ani Nalyan

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