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Choosing the Right Clothes for Exercising At Home

Exercising at home is quite popular nowadays. Now, most of us want to exercise in an environment that we know is sanitary, and mostly in the comfort of our own homes. To do that, we resort to fitness applications. However, even though we do our workouts at home, there is something that we should pay attention to: Choosing the Right Clothes! We can already hear you saying “We are home anyway, what does it matter what we wear?”. Nonetheless, you may change your mind when you learn that the right choice of clothes both affects the efficiency of the exercise you are doing and your psychology. Then, let’s get into the details of the post.

Designate your clothes according to the season, attach importance to the fabric quality

Choosing the Right ClothesAccording to exercise physiology, blood flow increases along with the warm-up at the beginning of the workout, oxygen further reaches the tissues, and body temperature increases by 1-2°C (33,8-35,6 °F) by comparison to normal. In fact, all these metabolic reactions prepare us to the workout. According to studies, this can also be supported by choosing the right clothes. Even so, it is useful to open a parenthesis here. If the increase of the body temperature goes beyond the optimal level, it could cause exercise-related syncope and the ending of the workout by affecting the performance badly. For this reason, it is useful to designate your clothes according to ambient temperature and the season.

If it is winter and you are cold, it is useful to wear form-fitting clothing but tight/loose enough to not limit your mobility. For this, long-sleeved, heat-retaining, breathable cotton tops and shorts along with leggings can be preferred.

If it is summer, since the weather is hot and body temperature increases with exercising, it is not correct to wear warm, long clothing that covers the whole body. In this case, the right choice of clothes will be sweat-absorbing cotton fabric that allows air to get to our bodies. For the summer months, sports bustiers/undershirts and shorts might be a great choice.

“Should I be wearing shoes while exercising at home?”

Choosing the Right ClothesIn this regard, there are many differences of opinion. However, it is possible to resolve this by simplifying it. If you are on the mat, and mostly doing on-the-floor activities that are more stable, no jumping or running, such as pilates, yoga, and stretching, there is no reason for you to wear shoes.

But, in the instances of complex standing moves including running and requiring balance, concentrated on jumping and moving around constantly, and the floor being inadequate to absorb ground reaction forces, it will be useful to wear shoes. Otherwise, body joints could get hurt with the effect of external forces in response to your exerting force onto the ground. In this case, shoes that almost act as an amortization by reducing the effects of external factors can protect us from overuse syndromes or acute injuries.

Of course, choosing the right shoes is also quite important. Soft bottom shoes will be more practical for minimising ground reaction forces. Be attentive to your feet not to be squeezed in the shoe and your fingers can move comfortably. Because the body needs the proprioceptive senses to stay balanced and perceive its position in the space. Our feet are the only part of us that provides the body with these senses.

Looking pretty is everyone’s right

The freedom of exercising at home, in a way no one can see, provides remarkable comfort to some. In this case, you may find it appealing to train with different outfits than sportswear saying “No one is watching me anyway!”. But this can affect your motivation without realising it.

Exercising with wearing sportswear is a factor that really affects your motivation even if you do not realise. For this reason, do not forget that motivation is actually dependent on such little things, and take care of the details. Because motivation, being dependent on details, makes it so easy to both gain and lose. For this exact reason, do not forget that you have to prefer the clothing that makes you motivated. Maybe a certain color or pattern. What motivates you? Discover these by taking right choice of clothing into consideration!

I always pick pretty sportswear for myself. I give importance to color harmony even if I am at home. Because dressing well and seeing myself pretty when I look at the mirror increases my motivation for exercising. When you lose your motivation, you can too get yourself a new short, a t-shirt, or sports bustiers/undershirts that happens to be in the color or pattern that you like to make them sweat. Because the people who exercise know that clothes get better when they are sweaty 😝

Ceren Zehra Ergin


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