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Does Lifting Weights Cause Bulging Muscles in Women?

When you go to the gym, you usually see that the majority of people who work out with heavy weights freely are men. And, it is possible to see women in cardio equipment mostly. As a personal trainer, I frequently hear women who do not want to lift weights saying “I am afraid of getting too much muscles”, “what if I become muscular like men and gain a masculine appearance?”. For this reason, women avoid equipment like dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell etc. Does lifting weights really cause bulging muscles in women? Let’s continue with the article to find an answer to this question!

ağırlık kaldırmakWe do not have testosterones as much as men!

Testosterones and growth hormone are the two main hormones that involve in building lean muscle. Both men and women have these hormones, but men have much more testosterones than women. In general, women have approximately 15-20% less testosterone concentration than men. In this case, it can be said that “the more testosterone, the more muscle mass”.

A significant increase in serum testosterone levels is observed in men who do strength exercises. But we, women, won’t be able to get bulky muscles without an additional testosterone supplement even if we wanted to. Because we are unable to achieve significant testosterone increases. That’s why it’s time to put aside the worries like “I’m afraid of building muscle” while training! While doing work out with DeepSport, you can use your body weight or any equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, resistance bands, etc.

Lifting is vital for women. So, what are the benefits of lifting exercises? Let’s find out:

  • It makes you look fitter

A well-built muscle mass will make you look visibly firmer and fitter. Muscle mass growth increases the basal metabolic rate. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) corresponds to the energy (i.e. calory) that the body consumes while resting. In other words, increased muscle mass causes you to burn more calories while resting. This makes losing weight easier. When two people are compared to each other, the one who has increased muscle mass is much more likely to lose weight.

  • It reduces cellulites

Overweight people have more cellulites. In order to get rid of this appearance and lose weight, it is recommended to keep a balanced and regular diet, drink enough water, adopting a healthy lifestyle and most importantly exercise. Muscle mass growth is the biggest factor in keeping you from the orange peel appearance and gaining a smooth skin.

  • It increases the bone densityağırlık kaldırmak

In order to avoid disorders like osteolysis and osteoporosis, which are seen at later ages, having high bone density is important. The most important factor in increasing bone density is weight lifting exercises!

Osteoporosis is a medical and socio-economical threat that emerges as a result of low bone mass and deteriorations in bone texture. It may occur in every age. This disorder is seen especially in postmenopausal period in 40% of women, and it results in fractures in bone. It also causes bone unions and healing to be difficult at later ages.

Regular exercises and especially strength and high-impact activities contributes to the development of high bone mass. This may reduce the risk of falling at later ages. For this reason, you should assess risk factors with your doctor and do medium-level physical activities at least 3 days a week to be a healthy individual, which is recommended by ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). In addition, overweight people are in the risk group because of the excessive load on the bones and high risk of fractures in bones.

  • It diminishes the risk of getting injured

It is known that people who have risk factors are more vulnerable to getting injured. The reason is deficient and unbalanced biomotoric features of the body. This arises from the lack of strength and unbalanced strength. It is identified by experts via various tests. Afterwards, exercise programs organized according to risk factors determined by experts are applied consistently.

As we know, the only way of increasing strength is lifting weights. Therefore, it is in your hands to transform your body, which is open to injury, to a healthy one!

Ceren Zehra Ergin

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