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Does Waking Up Early Make You Happier?

Would you like to spend your day more energetic? If the answer is yes, try getting up early in the morning! According to the studies, waking up early in the morning have impacts on people both physically and psychologically. So, what are these impacts? Let’s find out the benefits of getting up early!

erken uyanmakWaking up early comes with an organized life

People who wake up early has more organized lifestyle than the ones who wake up late. In fact, this is not a surprising thing. There is no doubt that strict deadlines, tiredness and a reluctant mood will negatively affect the activities during the day and you will not be productive enough. However, waking up early in the morning after getting enough sleep, like 7-8 hours, will make you feel more energetic automatically. Moreover, you will have time to meet deadlines, read your e-mails and prepare a great breakfast for yourself. Yes, getting up early may sound horrible at first. But when you make it a habit, 24 hours will feel longer!

You feel more energetic with morning exercise

You can spare time for yourself and for the things you need to do. Morning exercise is a good investment for yourself. These energizing exercises will make you look more fit and feel happier. Just think about it, how do or did you feel after a morning exercise? We can hear you saying “happier and energetic”. Yes, it is not a coincidence. Studies suggest that endorphin hormones, which is happiness hormone, are released with exercise. In addition, you don’t need a gym or going out for it. You can do your exercise in a correct way by downloading DeepSport via the links below, which provides digital trainer support in the comfort of your home.

You begin eating healthier

People who sleep late tend to eat more at night as they are more likely to feel hungry and often cannot resist it. Waking up late will cause weight problems due to the hunger caused by sleeping late, eating at night, skipping meals, not having time to have breakfast. However, when you take your time for breakfast, you eat healthy and peacefully. If you keep it up, it will influence your whole day and you will have a day you eat healthy. Needless to say, you can make it a lifestyle!

You can spare time for yourself erken uyanmak

Taking time for yourself can be in the way of skin care, watching TV series, meditating or drinking a cup of coffee. This, which is often encountered as “me time”, can be explained as putting aside all your responsibilities and doing whatever you really want at that moment.

This may sound good, but it won’t be very pleasant when you have things going in your mind. Whatever you do, you will not be able to do it in a mindful way and your mind will always be stuck with your work. For this reason, you will not enjoy the things you do for yourself. Another scenario is waking up late and just getting your work done. But this will demotivate you and lower the pleasure you take from the life.  So, getting up early and getting your works done, in addition to sparing time for yourself will make you even happier.

You can spend time with your loved ones

Another thing we forget during the daily rush is our loved ones. When you start the day late, you try to fit your work and responsibilities into a more limited time. When this is the case, the first thing you deprive is sometimes yourself or your loved ones. By waking up early and thus living the day longer, you will be able to spend time with your family, friends, or pet if you have one. Moreover, such activities will make you feel happier. When you see that your work is not interrupted while you spend time with your loved ones, you will be more motivated in your work, and your life will not only consist of your works!

It reduces the depression risk

All of the things we have listed above actually contribute to making you feel happier, more peaceful and energetic. Therefore, it is not surprising to say that getting up early reduces the risk of depression. Positive emotions you feel, comfort of meeting the deadlines and valuable time you spare for yourself will make you feel better automatically. And this brings more optimistic attitude with it. Changing your point of view in this way will help you live a more enjoyable life!

Ani Nalyan


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