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Don’t Sabotage Yourself!

Dream what you want in your life. Wish for it honestly, and think that you have it. Yes, what you are going to do is simple as that. As long asyou believe in the process and think you have it honestly, the universe will work for it to happen. Therefore, whatever you want, it will be brought to you by the universe.

Does this sound familiar? Yes, we are talking about the law of attraction. The concept, which have become popular recently, promises that what we want will come to us if we focus enough and believe in the process. Some say this law really works. However, what is often not mentioned here is whether the person who applying the law fights for the wish.

Let’s explain it with an example. Let’s say you want to buy a car. Do you just look at the photo of that car you want to buy every night and imagine you own it? Or, do you both imagine and work hard to buy it? The crucial point here is this! But we usually don’t see that part. Because, we imprison ourselves to inertia as long as we say that everything will come to us easily. We wait for things to fix themselves and we do nothing, we always postpone. In this way, we sabotage ourselves without even realizing it. We wait for a force from outside to get us out of the situation we are in. When it doesn’t work, we give up. By doing so, we move away from our dreams and goals, and sabotage ourselves.

Is inertia something that can be learned?

Technological improvements make our lives much easier in many aspects. However, we cannot ignore the problems it brings along. Inertia is the primary one among them. Technology lightens our burden today. In fact, we sometimes don’t even have to think hard to do things. Because, smart devices think on behalf of us!

For example, we don’t have to memorize phone numbers of our friends. Who needs to memorize them while all of the contacts are already in the phone? We don’t have to go to libraries to obtain information about something. We can do it on our phone as well. It searches and find for us somehow.

Even though they seem like small details, they are just a few of the factors that drive us to laziness. Especially when we consider our elders, we can see that they take care of everything on their own quickly. Most of the time, they are impatient to solve things. But we can do our work whenever we want as long as our computer is charged. Knowing that it will be done easily can push us into laziness. And this cause us to sabotage ourselves. When we think about all these things, we can say that inertia is something that can be learned. Maybe the more we get used to comfort the more it is triggered. Nevertheless, don’t let it be misunderstood, it is very useful to take advantage of the opportunities technology provides. However, getting used to comfort so much and waiting for the things to be solved by the others can lead to inertia.

Success will not come to you unless you take action!

Law of attraction, praying and products that make our life easier. These are factors that take the responsibility from us and attribute to anything else. Let’s pray and send messages to the universe to get the car we want. Let the universe solve our problems. It is comforting that events depend on something other than us, right? When something doesn’t happen, it is not because you failed or didn’t work hard enough, it is because you didn’t “really” wish for it enough.

It is so easy to lay the burden to others. But it is not a right thing to do. This is your life. Being successful or not depends on you most of the time. Whether you can achieve what you dream of is determined by your will, your struggle and this process you are determined to do in your mind. If you want to be famous, you can’t wait for it to happen on its own. You have to do something. In the same way, you can’t pass the exam by praying. For this reason, remember that it is all in your mind and you have to make an effort to be successful.

Snoozing the alarm for an hour

snoozing the alarm

woman snoozing the alarm in bed

Snoozing the alarm for an hour sounds pretty innocent, right? You are exhausted, what could go wrong if you delay your work for an hour? Many things! Because that one hour is so important that it will move you away from your dreams and goals. If you snooze your alarm today, you will most likely do it again tomorrow. Therefore, this seemingly innocent hour will turn into a vicious circle that you constantly steal from your life. Moreover, you will not only sabotage yourself while sleeping. You will sabotage yourself in times of turning off the TV, stopping surfing social media, or going for a walk. Even if you postpone just 5 minutes, just think that you postpone each of them. You will lose so much time in a day, week, month or a year.

Maybe you have sabotaged yourself constantly without realizing it by this time. But changing this situation is in your hands! While reading these lines, whatever the goals you have set in order to achieve your dream physique, fame or success, do not postpone them any longer and take action immediately! Because your dreams will not come to you by doing nothing. But as you strive for it, you will see how everything works out.

Stop sabotaging yourself. Nothing is as hard as you imagine. Yes, getting out of your warm bed and going for a walk could be hard. But you will get used to it as you see the effects. For this reason, if you realized what you have done by this time, it is good for you. Now it is not the time to be sorry about it, now it is the time to strive for “you” in your dreams. It is time to be happy!

Ani Nalyan

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