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The Perfect Body or Being Healthy?

perfect bodyThe perception of the perfect body is an illusion that is imposed and indoctrinated on us. It dates back so many years ago that we grow up in this already functioning system without even realizing it. This means we don’t learn it after we grow up, we are exposed to it while we are growing up. We try to catch up with this sense of beauty and the perfect body trend, which changes from age to age, with social pressure and the psychological violence we apply to ourselves.

In case being thin is the fashion in the time we live in, we try things like crash diets, miraculous teas, and thinning corsets. There is no doubt that the media has a huge effect on this.

We frequently see the media advertising self-confidence, happiness and beauty via the image of thin women. And we enter the weight-loss process in order to reach that perfect body image by centering thoughts like “I will be lovable if I get thinner!”. We place ourselves under pressure and starve, as our goal is to lose weight as soon as possible. For this reason, we sometimes cause eating disorders for losing weight.

Is it possible to reach “the perfect body”?

While searching for ways of losing weight quickly, we forget that we can reach our dream body by staying healthy. Besides, we realize that we do not need the “perfect” body if we begin the weight-loss process by taking our health into consideration. Just as the popularity of being overweight in the past left its place to 90-60-90 and it turned into large breasts and wide hips today, there is no doubt that this is not a stable thing. Rather than chasing these standards, it would be a better approach to strive for the best and healthiest state of ourselves.

365 days ≠ stability

perfect body

Achieving the best of ourselves is not just about being of a certain height and weight. The important thing here is that we make lifestyle habits such as eating healthy, working out, and investing in ourselves. We named it lifestyle habits, but you needn’t do them for 365 days.

We don’t have to work out every day, and we may not eat healthy at each meal. Because being consistent is not about doing or not doing something 24/7. Just because we do not workout one day, our previous work are not wasted. It is a crystal-clear fact that if we want to have a well-built body, we must pay attention to our workout and what we eat, and we need to be consistent. However, our determination, ambition, and desire should not exceed our limits.

We cannot overlook ourselves, our body and our psychology to achieve our goals quickly. For this reason, whatever we want to achieve, we must know our limits and proceed without devastating ourselves. This means we will not gain all the calories we burned by eating a hamburger. If we really want to eat a hamburger, we shall eat it freely, without blaming ourselves.

There is no point in making ourselves suffer or punished after we eat. The important thing is to look ahead. We should keep in mind that we will be able to recover tomorrow by leaving more calorie deficit, eating a salad, or doing cardio. The thing is not to restrain ourselves from the high-calorie foods we love, it is to keep going with the same motivation by embracing eating as normal behavior.

perfect body

Is physical health enough alone?

We talked about body health. Yet, keeping a balanced diet and working out regularly is not enough to live a healthy life. Just as we invest in physical health, we should also invest in our mental health. Because being mentally healthy and engaging in activities to improve ourselves in this regard will bring a good life in every respect. Accordingly, in case we attach importance to self-care, self-respect, and self-compassion together with our diet and workout, we can truly experience the self-confidence, happiness and beauty promised to us.

Therefore, we should spare time for ourselves and try to see what is good for us. This could be just sitting down and thinking, doing yoga or meditation, or even listening to a podcast. In this way, only when we take care of ourselves and stay both mentally and physically healthy, we will focus on ourselves instead of comparing ourselves to others. Rather than being in an endless race, we should invest in ourselves and move forward in this flow. This will bring not only a physical difference but also a good life and beauty in every aspect.

Ani Nalyan

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